Pigeon Branding approached us to take care of the rebranding of the best-known snack cake in Canada: Saputo’s Jos Louis.

The brief was to rejuvenate and give more punch to the old, classic packaging, so as to appeal to the 12-25 generation. We came up with a super dynamic packaging, keeping Jos Louis usual colorway. We created a mascot, inspired both by the cake and the product packaging.

As for the new Jos Louis logo, it’s inspired by the actual cake: it features a creamy fat dark brown outline (chocolate icing), a second outline of a lighter brown (sponge cake), white letters (cream). The crown is a reference to Jos Louis’ status as the best-known/most sold snack cake in Canada. We conceived it so that if you took an Exacto to take all the white parts out, you’d be able to use it as a stencil.

This new packaging is definitely infused with the signature 123KLAN punch and attitude. Hell, we gave it so much energy that even the Nutritional Information section is all shook up!

Once we found ourselves with this catchy mascot we had created, we thought: “Why not give it its own world?”




We came up with the idea of a crew of puppets, whose main character Jay would have his own blog and become a reference on what's hot in Montreal and in the world. Him and his mates Bam Bam, May and Oncle Louis were born, both physically and virtually, via their blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We created, and designed and developed it to be appealing to our target: catchy colors, easy navigation, a blog as the main platform, tips and tidbits on the coolest places, events and websites.



We created blog posts matching the puppets’ different personalities and interests, posting 3-5 every week. Those ranged from reactions to the freshest news or featuring mixtapes, to more in-depth interviews with artists and personalities of the global artistic scene, about their work or their hometown.

We also wrote, produced, directed and edited 18 video episodes featuring the puppets and an interviewee providing more in-depth information on a particular subject. Among the themes were BMX, Graffiti, Roller-Derby, Toy Design, Tattoo, Skateboarding, Kung-Fu, Lowbrow Artists, Montreal Restaurants, Fixed Gear, Soccer, Punk/Hardcore, Breakdance and Lowriders.



Respect your target. That implies giving it what it’s searching for; here it’s high quality content. To do so, refer to strategic people. We used our artistic network to feature high profile and interesting interviewees.

 To attract new readers, we created promotional material, such as billboards and videos featured in relevant stations of the Montreal subway system (downtown and university locations). Again, we took that step of going to get the target right where it is, instead of waving from afar.

To bond with our community, we organized a What Up Jay launch party at Salon Officiel, Montreal’s hippest venue. Then, the What Up Jay night at SAT, a concert venue in Montreal, welcomed Jay’s selection of the coolest DJ’s, bands and acts of the area. The choice of venues and performers enforced Jay’s coolness and status as Montreal’s “it” blogger, and guaranteed the gathering of the perfect crowd to promote the client to.

Of course, social medias are crucial. The muppets all had their Facebook and Twitter pages, which they used to redirect people to their posts but also to react to the latest news and events, or post about their daily life. This added depth to the characters.

Finally: No ad banners! didn’t contain any Jos Louis ad banner.


If there are no Jos Louis banners on What Up Jay, how is this strategy efficient in terms of making the readers buy the product?

That’s the magic of it. First, Jay Louis being a barometer of what’s cool, his appearance on the Jos Louis boxes gives the cakes street cred. By making their products accessible while not explicitly pushing readers to consuming, Saputo achieves a quality label and credibility.

Then, there were the What Up Jay stickers. We designed them to be inserted into the Jos Louis boxes, channelling the excitement of finding surprise gifts in detergent or cereal boxes, and bridging the gap between What Up Jay and Jos Louis. The difference between giving out Jos Louis stickers and What Up Jay stickers is that the youth wouldn’t plaster the Jos Louis stickers in the streets or on their belongings because that wouldn’t be cool, while having What Up Jay stickers on their school material would increase their street cred, so 1- They would boast them 2- Other kids would ask them where they got it. Answer : « In a box of Jos Louis. » Voila !

 With that same quest of quality and respect, we designed a range of What Up Jay T-shirts. The goal was to make them looking really good so that people would actually wear and boast them, and have their friends ask where it’s from: “The tag reads Jos Louis”.


In Jay's words:
"I am Jay Louis and What Up Jay is my blog! On a rainy night, while I was eating peanuts and watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns, I realized I was bored. There was something missing in my life and in my city in general.

Because I am not the kind of guy to bum around for too long, I rolled up my sleeves, I spitted in my hands (they often do that in movies, never understood why…) and I undertook the most essential blog in Montreal. Today, almost a year later, I can only be proud of the results. As a matter of fact, I am so proud that I inserted my name in the blog’s title as a tribute to myself.

Of course, with this overwhelming success, I can now like every other mogul and give my buddies the best positions. May, she’s the feminine touch of the blog. Thanks to her, we can try and unsolve the mysteries of the opposite sex. My best friend since like… always, Bam Bam, doesn’t talk a lot, but he blesses us with his musical expertise. And finally, to keep the chronological order, my Uncle Louis and his encyclopedic knowledge bring a little wisdom and hindsight. Helped by a few humans, we have produced a dozen video episodes (check them out in the “Episodes” section) and we have written hundreds of blogposts. I admit that I am definitely the one who contributes the most; even though I always appreciate the different points of view expressed by my friends. We talk about cars, dentition, urban fashion (LOL!), sustainable development, antelope jumps, skateboarding, the hair-dressers influence on global warming, graffiti, acne, skating, Hot-Rods and of course the best city in the world, Montreal.

I’m 20 years old, I was born in Montreal and I’m a pretty good-looking guy. My looks are the most important thing to me: my orange hat matches my kicks and of course my shades match my bling-bling. Besides, I wear my sunglasses at night, just like Corey Hart. I also have a tamagotchi that has been miraculously surviving for a year now. I don’t get how.

I Like : All of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s interviews, getting my picture taken while I ride the Monster, stuffing chips in my sandwich and of course, the HABS, the Alouettes, the Impact and the Expos (RIP). Otherwise, I love music: Biggie, Fugazi, Major Lazer, Sham 69, Gucci Mane, Minor Threat, Lil’ Wayne, A-Trak, The Ramones, Chromeo...

I’m also into everything that livens up my city: from parties to skateboarding contests, and everything in between such as shows, opening nights, and graffiti events. We’re pretty lucky in the 514 area. That's basically what I’ll be talking about on the blog, because ever since I was born, I’ve been hustling to reach my goal. Today, I know everyone in town. Or should I say, everyone in town knows me, from the hype scenes to the underground scenes. My city’s the best in the world and I’m its virtual mayor. GO HABS GO!