All NFT available link

Official list of places where you can find all the official 123klan NFT.

According to the different platforms, more or less rare NFT editions are available for different budgets, we think of you all.

- 1/1: Our first NFT 1/1 on The Premier NFT Makersplace

- Edition of 10 on Voice 

- Edition of 1 on Artinspace Dubai 



Our first NFT 1/1 on The Premier NFT  Marketplace

What is Makersplace ? 

MakersPlace is the world’s most trusted marketplace and community to discover, buy, and sell authentic NFTs from the world’s leading digital creators. We offer digital creators a trusted platform to sell their creations directly to fans and collectors worldwide.

Get Real presents a curation set from all over the world that includes top-tier, #1 artists who have not yet made a mark in the NFT space. These works of art are first mints that are instant Classics.

Who is Original Plan ? 

Originalplan® also know as OP, is the curator of this drop. He approached us by inviting us in his drop Get Real.
This title revealing our common background, he knew how to convince us to join him in this new adventure.

He is an early pioneer of the NFT art space, introduced the world to digital designer toys, combining street art and collectible culture with cutting-edge digital creativity.

 OP is one of the earliest creators on MakersPlace and in the NFT space, carving the way for the other digital creatives to thrive in our blossoming NFT art ecosystem.

Featuring: @123klan, @topofoto, @teddykelly, @ben_johnston, @danielbarretoes, @charlieedmiston, @jsie.1, & @devoner.



Voice is a team of technologists, artists and curators using the transformative power of NFTs to make digital art collectable.

What Voice believe?

The rise of emerging technology is changing the art world, allowing digital art of any medium to be collected.

Digital art practices–photography, sculpting, illustration, graphic design, animation, mixed media–as well as physical art like street art, performance art and video art, can now be authenticated by their creators.

Our interactions and identities, what we appreciate, and what we collect, now coexist between the digital and physical worlds.

Why Voice is  here ?

To empower artists from all walks of life to build sustainable art practices by using the power of blockchain technology.


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