For ever young!

Yes we did celebrate our 20th anniversary last week in Brooklyn.

Everything begun 6 monthes ago when i (scien) got the idea to organise a big party to celebrate our crew anniversary with all our closest friends.

I wanted to make a big surprise to klor, so i didn't tell her anything,

it was really a big deal for all our friend to hide her this huge surprise. Basically i had to organise everything without doing anything, i contacted all our friends from around the world and even a good friend of us came from New Dehli India...

I told to Klor that we were invited to celebrate the birthday of Rama, a real good french friend based in Brooklyn, once arrived, almost 60 people were packed in his backyard, wishing Klor a Happy Birthday. It was simply awesome to see all our good friends in one place, Indie and Cope2 brought a giant carrot cake with our logo printed on top, it is certainly the best carrot cake we never had. Of course klor was warmed welcome with flowers. That night was simply magic, friends were spinning good music and we all had so much to share since the last time we all met. We even got a private live show from our good friends at T&K

As we are graffiti writers we couldn't miss to rock something to celebrate it perfectly. mtncolors covered the paint for everybody! And our buddy Owns settle with his boys a 300ft wall. We really had a blast to rock this wall with Mickey, Cope2, Dabs & Myla, Kem5, Rath, Sye TC5, Acid, Wen, Sebs, Yes1, Owns, Sen2, Wane, Deck2, Brus, The yok, kid crap, Most, Reggie, Nychos, Flying Fortress, Signal and few others joined up too, sorry for those who i forgot.

The other surprise was to see Martha Cooper around, she covered the whole thing and we had a great dinner together, Thank you so much Martha, you have no idea how we appreciated your venue and thank you Mickey for this amazing surprise. 

After all this we simply party each single day during one week with all our good friends from Lille, SF, BK, Biarritz, Toulouse, Montréal, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, L.A., Boston, Austria, Barcelona and Germany.


Thank you so much my friends, we really had a blast and we really feel lucky to have such good friends like you.


Thanks also to Cope2 who featured on 12oz prophet our anniversary, you can check some nice graff actions shots here, here and here.

And least not last, i would like to thank Rama and Assia to let us organise this huge party in their place in BK, once again it was a good and memorable party.


One love


Scien & Klor