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Scien & Klor - 123KLAN

Based in Montreal, Canada, since 2007. 123KLAN is a graffiti crew founded by the French duo Scien and Mrs Klor in 1992.  

Tireless, effervescent and often ironic creative force, Scien and Klor have been doing their art for two decades in the hip-hop galaxie and well beyond. Multidisciplinary, the 123KLAN style is declined in several branches of knowledge 

– Graffiti art : Production of canvas, walls, worldwide exhibitions.

– The creative studio : Studio graphics and branding.

– Streetwear : BANDIT1SM x 123KLAN

All you  are looking from graphic tee, urban art poster, graffiti mural, street art print and many more are just available here on our boutique online.  we do also have an   contemporary art gallery online. ( Art for sale by the artist ! ) 

The Duo collaborate frequently with many prestigious Companies, Just to name a few: Adidas, Converse, Ecko, Espn, Mountain Dew, Marvel, MTV, Netflix, Nike, Sony or Wired Magazine, hired 123KLAN for their originality and authenticity.