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The Osheaga Music Festival held last summer in Montreal offered a special stage just for the 123klan. Scien, Aiik and Klor gave the event some color on the specially built surface made for them to exhibit their amazing skills and wildstyle graffiti blended with graphic design.

Osheaga Arts took pride in presenting each artist or group of artists to support the international influence initiatives of the festival. Alongside renowned artists, every year, Osheaga Art’s lineup includes emerging artists. 

This year’s emphasis has been focused on Canadian  talent, interactive installations, and how they will influence the festival experience, on site, during related events or through social media. Osheaga encouraged, once again, visual arts guests to step out of their comfort zones to create projects that open the door to collaboration between different artists, enabling unique and exclusive creations through the proximity orchestrated by Osheaga. on Vimeo.

 scien art osheaga music festival graffiti

123klan scien art osheaga music festival montreal 2017 montana colorsKlor osheaga music festival 2017 123KLAN graff

Since 2006, the Osheaga Music and Arts festival has established itself as the most important festival of its genre in Canada. With its numerous outdoor stages located at parc Jean-Drapeau on Montreal’s Saint Helen’s Island, Osheaga attracted 120 000 music lovers from North America and Europe last year. A huge celebration dedicated to music and visual arts, Osheaga has given itself the objective of discovering local and national emerging talent offering them the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest international artists in the business including :

 The Weeknd, Major Lazer, Alabama Shakes, Justice, MGMT, Die Antwoord, Run the Jewels, Lil Uzi Vert, and many more.

Over the course of several days, approximately 100 bands took to the various stages at parc Jean-Drapeau and across the city in the festive ambiance that only a Montreal summer can provide. Osheaga also holds a series of concerts and exhibitions in several locations around the city during the week leading up to the main event. For its ninth edition, the Osheaga Music and Arts festival promises an exhilarating experience with, among others : Jack White, Outkast and Skrillex.



Oscar Delarock