Pow! Wow! Worcester

A family who sprays together stays together!

Between August 25th and September 3rd 2017, the city of Worcester, Massachusetts was treated to Pow!Wow!, an international mural festival that seeks to enliven communities through large scale murals, artist talks, exhibitions, concerts and more.


"Resilience" :

This huge mural, created by 123KLAN with the collaboration of their children, represents the whole 123KLAN skills. Their two favorite disciplines, graffiti writing and graphic design. 123KLAN have advanced the graffiti aesthetics and infused a healthy dose of new ideas into current graphic design

Precursors of this style that mixes graffiti art and graphic design, it gives rise to a new synthesis which their motto says. “123KLAN : when street knowledge meets technology, and graffiti art melts with with graphic design.”

“Have Fun Kids” —. A message for the Elm Park students which was painted with Montana Colors spraycan over a huge three store building. This spraycan, along with the message of “Resilience” as well as other signature images from their many years of work.

"Resilience" is the name given to this work by 123KLAN. In relation to their own life experience, and their last battle against cancer in recent years.

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If you stop by Worcester, you will be able to check this mural at Elm Park Community School, 23 N Ashland Street.

Artist Symposium presented by Juxtapoz Magazine.

Worcester Artists Ghostbeard123klanCornbread The Legend and Kristin Farr as well as Ash Chan, founder of The Container Yard in Los Angeles. Moderated by Farr, Deputy Editor at Juxtapoz Magazine, this panel will provide insights into the creative process and the life of an artist. Audience members will have a chance to ask questions and engage with the panel.



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