More than a branding, or graphic design for a client, 123KLAN signed two collections with Adidas. 

123KLAN: We were more than happy to see our Name, and our signature embroidered on an Adidas outfit.  

Coming from the Hip Hop background, we used to mix sport wear with Military wear, in order to create a different style, to recognize each other as Hip Hop Activists. This style was called streetwear.



adidas 123klan end to end project sneaker

As breakers, as graffiti writers we need to be confortable to move, and to run if needed ;p ( Graffiti writers will understand )

Back in the 90, people were wearing sneakers, just to play sport. No club would let you enter with sneakers, such an hypocrite way to refuse our community. 

decade low adidas 123klan end to end projectdecade low adidas 123klan end to end project

ADIDAS: "We have invited some of the best graffiti artists in the world to work together on a totally original concept.A unique collection of footwear, clothing and accessories that takes their artwork from the sketchbook to the streets: the End-to-End Project for Foot Locker." 

The unique collaboration with 123KLAN and ADIDAS for the End-to-End Project motion graphics.

Here a closer look at the Decade Low.






 adidas decade low 123klan end to end project top view

123KLAN: Anyway, the streetwear industrie is a big player today, and most of the brand turn into it. That's why sometimes, we can see some really ridicules composition on textile. 

We struggle hard with our home brand BANDIT1SM, with is more our lab. We want to stay ourself, keep our freedom, and respect our customer. Even if profits are not here, we are so proud to exist, and to affirm our style. 

All our tees are just printed in 140 pc, or less. Not because we want to play this fake game of " LIMITED EDITION" , with distribution over world... But we are just 3 people, who refused investors, and we prefer to cut our production budget in different new design, because we are creative, and we always want to print more design. 

We also created our brand in 2007, because we do not wait for a contract to design, we always create, more for ourself, than for clients.

But we need to pay the bill, not born with a silver spoon.

But we know what we need for survive, just the necessary, and the rest of our time, we keep it for create for ourself, with friends. Creating is also sharing ! 

Art is visual sharing, and streetwear  is a perfect support to spread art on textile, so everybody can offer it. We still consider a t-shirt as a canvas. 


adidas 123klan end to end artist collection jacket frontadidas 123klan end to end artist collection zip jacket back adidas 123klan end to end artist collection beanie visor black adidas 123klan end to end artist collection Stan Smith

adidas 123klan collection graffiti artist scien and klor 123klan

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