Scien and Klor were pioneers of a style that combined their passions for both graffiti art and graphic design. They recognized that graffiti writing could be

elevated beyond its temporary existence on walls and translated into a lasting art form that showcased their skills as artists. By leveraging their knowledge

of graphic design, they were able to experiment with typography, color, and composition in a way that was unique to graffiti writing. Their incorporation

of these design elements into their graffiti works paved the way for future artists to explore the creative potential of mixing the two mediums. With this

approach, they were able to create exceptional works that reflected their diverse artistic abilities and distinctive styles, expanding their art form's reach

and impact, while also highlighting it as a respected and recognized art form that was distinct from traditional mediums" in 

« Graffiti is a worldwide contemporary art movement that values originality and creativity. It involves a constant exploration of letter architecture to attain distinct and personal styles that are recognizable to those with a deep appreciation for its artistry. Unlike traditional forms of art, graffiti is not meant to be read, but instead to be recognized by its unique style similar to the Japanese writing system, kanji. What sets graffiti apart is the rejection of established rules and traditions, which make it a truly independent artistic expression. Graffiti artists remain dedicated to their beliefs and principles, with a goal to create works that stay true to their art, rather than purely for the sake of public appeal. Respecting the differences of others and acknowledging their individual perspectives is vital to the creation of truly exceptional graffiti art.


Moreover, graffiti embodies a culture of sharing and collaboration within the artistic community, where the philosophy of "each one teach one" is valued. Graffiti artists often work in groups or crews, and there is a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience. These collaborations help artists evolve their skills, develop new techniques, and push the boundaries of their art form. By sharing and exchanging knowledge, graffiti artists continue to develop and refine their skills, benefitting the entire artistic community. Overall, graffiti art has proven to be a medium that celebrates individuality and creativity while promoting a strong sense of community within the art world. »

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