Roller Champions Ubisoft

For more than 2 years, we have been working full time on the art direction on last big project for Ubisoft Canada 's project called Roller Champions, it's time to start sharing it with you.


We have invested ourselves fully  as Art Direction only thanks to the values and vision of Gautier Malou, the creative director. Without him we might not have been very excited about working for A big company. 

Long long time ago,  Scien had already worked with Gauthier at the very beginning for TeamChman, and the conception of Banja game for geeks who can remember.

Let me tell you the story:

Gautier approached us a year or more before the project even began, telling us that he had a project he was going to develop with Ubisoft Canada, and that we would be the perfect fit, but he couldn't tell us more at this moment.
Great tradition of secrecy and NDAs in video games, absolute secrecy, more than FBI, or CIA . Absolutely fabulous

We would like to share more of this project before with you guys, but we have to wait for the official release date of every details, you know Secret Rules ;p

We will update this post step by step of the different release. 

So today The Roller Champions team is happy to present the very first video of the Blueprint series: the Art and Lore of Roller Champions. Gauthier Malou (Creative Director)

When Gauthier finally presented us with the whole project,  we directly think and ask to be  surrounded ourselves with Joel Dos Reis Viegas. We propose him  to share  the form, and the character design direction cause of the energy of his well known characters in Urbance.

Yes we did know Joel before, small world.

We met Him when he was working in  Steambot, ( founded with Sebastien Larroude, and others great artists ) 

And may be as you can see in the trailer below, we also collab on this animation project called:  " Urbance". 



Carole Boudart