Piece of the Day: new graffiti video featuring 123klan and TMRC

" Dot Kom " concept by Scien and Mrs Klor.


As a couple, we wanted to find something funny that sounds good together. We always enjoy not being taken seriously and developing some silly concepts just to keep the fun of it.

Never forget why we paint, with passion and for fun.

We have been painting for more than 25 years, so we are what we can call the "New" Old School. What if we had just begin graffiti painting today, during the new internet generation?

We thought what kind of nicknames we would pick up if we had started graffiti today ? Damned, easy as 123... Dot! Com ! Sounds pretty cool!

This is how we came up with DOT / COM with a K here like Klor. Sometimes we do a DOTCOM together and add the COM inside the DOT or sometimes I (scien) rock a DOTCOM by my own. We always loved to write new names since day one like KIX, BOOM, Bonnie,  Klyde or RISE... It’s always refreshing to paint new letters and find new combos even if at the end we keep the same style. This KOM was rocked by Mrs Klor with the help of our son AiiK. 

 Peace ✌️ 

123klan graffiti art mural by scien and klor montreal

123klan graffiti art mural by scien and klor montreal streetart

123klan graffiti art mural by scien and klor golois montreal streetart

123klan graffiti bopor tmrc montreal

Oscar Delarock


Oscar Delarock

bravo scien et klor, j’adore les compositions de vos pieces, peindre en famille le top, ma fille de 7 ans m’accompagne aussi en terrain, la releve est la, je vous suit depuis longtemps, je me suis mit au graff a 40 ans cela fait 10 ans j admire votre parcours et votre determination big up a vous vivement que ce virus parte que l’ont puissent faire des jams

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