PIECE OF THE DAY : GRAFFITI VIDEO - 123KLAN featuring Demsky, Smithe, Golois, Bopor

PIECE OF THE DAY : GRAFFITI VIDEO- 123KLAN featuring Deemsky, Smithe, Golois, Bopor from 123KLAN on Vimeo.




Our good friends Demsky and Smithe was in town for Mural festival in June,

As European graffiti writer, we know Demsky for 20 years, and we were please to Rock a wall just for the love of painting like back in Days.

 Time flies, but people don’t change !

Graffiti world is a small world, we met Smithe in Mexico 10 years ago for the opening of the Mexico Nike store, and as usual for writers, we did also painted an off ( non official ) wall with local writers.

 Golois, and Bopor joined us to the wall, we had a lot of fun with these young blood. 

Graffiti is a passion, graffiti is sharing and writers are family members, always a party when we can jam together, just for the love of rocking a piece.


Good people made good collaboration, 

Love you guys ;p



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123KLAN woot woot
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