PIECE OF THE DAY : 123KLAN - Father and Son Scien & Aiik

A father's day like no other, what a challenge! Most people are looking for something special, not easy. If even  google can not help you on it! Then what?

So try it by yourself:

"- Ok Google: Proposal for father and son day organization?

- Hunting, fishing, sport, Golf, stripper ... " 

- No! 

hummm maybe later without telling Klor ;-)  haha!

What? Aiik is now over 18 hehe Wutt wuttt! In the 123klan family, it's a little different. During father & son weekends, we  paint! In the end, it’s graffiti we are talking about. As we like to say “A family who sprays together stays together" Aiik needed to experiment with his new drawings. Recently, it has taken a more illustrative new orientation, moving away from the style of 123KLAN.

Let's go for it!

Creative sharing is the best sharing we know.It’s a privileged moment between all of us. Check out the graffiti wall they rocked together.



Thanks to Montana colors for the paint


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