Let's clean up this dirty "business" of art.


Merci, gracias, thank you, danke, gracie,

BLUE MINI SERIE GRAFFITI ART BY 123KLAN You are quality people, curious people, who are not satisfied to consume what the "market" of art and its circus of imposture offers you. Thank you for being with us. Without you, we would not be where we are.

We have always refused the power of money over our creative freedom, no capital, no investors, no silver spoon.
123KLAN is a couple doing everything on their own, and we work hard to get there, but it's worth it.

Let's clean up this dirty "business" of art.
failing to build a new world, we can paint it together,
love and respect


Mrs Klor 

Oh Merde, I forgot: we just restocked the mini blue posters, back from an old exhibition.
Actually, it was my first intention when I started to write this article, I think I am on fire, but I assume, " it's Klor Style " ! Free and Wild.


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