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Why a graffiti blog and articles on what we love and respect?

We made our first steps into the Hip Hop culture back in the '90s, and it is thanks to this spirit of sharing. We have been able to evolve during all these years by sharing graffiti techniques, sharing experiences across the world, on walls with a spray can … The « old school* »  way of transmitting to the « new school ».
 *Not this doesn't mean that we have become old, not yet (i  will never admit lol)

It has always been important for us to transmit our passion. In the beginning, we were just a few graffiti writers, regrouping in jams organized between us, for us.  Were we could also easily recognize each other only by our style of dress. It would be a little more complicated today: imagine that if I give props to all the peoples who wear a cap or sneakers in the street...Weird, no? 

Today, I will need your opinion on something. My questions would be:

How to communicate effectively with other activists and lovers of our graffiti movement? Where join you outside social media?
How to communicate well and pass on a message effectively?

If you can take 5 small minutes of your time, you can answer these questions here

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Or just below into the comments of this article. 

If we run a graffiti art blog with articles about all that we love, it's because the
blog, for us, stays an independent Channel to keep this spirit of sharing with no middle man. We try less and less to entrust this content to social media, and we invite you, again and again, to read our blog, and read as well as all the graffiti artist’s one. Only the reals know and will seek the information at its real source. You do not deserve to be content suggested, you are smart and cultured enough.

Why an artistic Podcast could be a solution to share?

At the Sprayseemo Mural Festival, we participated in a strange experience; a podcast by Matt Gondek, his interview was well done, and we answered the questions that everyone uses to ask, and more. 

At first, it was a lot of fun, it reminded us of the old radio interviews that we sometimes gave in the 90s. (Radio Nova will probably speak to the nostalgic of France and Navarre). The difference is that listeners could call-in the station and asked questions, some interactivity, and pleasure of sharing experiences, and opinions.


The cool thing is the fact that this interview gave us the idea to develop this kind of video podcast to talk to you directly, « the radio of the future », that is the internet magic lol. It would be a little more ruff, but more direct and instantaneous than the existing text that I'm writing.

Then, you could also ask us some questions, ask for some advice, and we could answer them in the form of short video feedback, the process would be faster. Well, well… we'll have to face the camera, less obvious than facing a wall ... Could be fun ;p

And you will even be able to have fun hearing my french accent. 

or just comment below. 


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Episode 76: 123KLAN 

" We speak about their long and incredible career - which spans murals, humongous commercial projects, and their own clothing brand. Just don't call them "Street Artists"! Recorded at the Sprayseemo Mural Festival in Kansas City Missouri." Clean Break Podcast. 

Matt Gondek presents an informative podcast dealing with the business of the art world. In each episode, Matt talks with different guests who will share the no hold barred truth behind how they advanced their own careers.

Was really fun to do. we should talk with you guys in direct more often, let us know what you would like to know from us? We will be pleased to answer. 


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