Piece of the Day: Graffiti Session Ft 123KLAN & TMRC

What is graffiti Family session ? 


Check out the mural we painted with the whole fam Scien, Klor & Aiik alongside TMRC, Golporc & Golois.  Watch the full video recap and the pics right bellow

Have fun, and feel free to comment below. Always happy to read you too.

"What is graffiti? Why are they painting this mural ?"

There are some who fish, others who hunt, and us? Well, we like to paint graffiti mural! Painting is our way to share some good moment with friends, doesn't witch spot or witch wall. It's always a good time!  For this graffiti session, especially, we can go further and say that we painted graffiti with the family. To be more precise, we consider TMRC as a family ;p 

 A family who sprays together stays together!


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How is a graffiti painting organized?

Easy! First, we get in touch to organize the concept of the wall, we give ourselves a common background color, and we jam our A.K.A in our personal style while taking into account the overall coherence of the wall. It's a spontaneous collaboration with a lot of creative freestyle, but with a tiny touch of organization.

Same principle as the organization of a bbq between friends, but more creative.


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For more than 25 years, we have been painting our graffiti wall this way, according to the encounters, and the pleasures of meeting friends and being reunited on a wall. Graffiti, as I know, is one of the few painting movements in which the artist collaborate with their peers just for the sake of sharing and creating a masterpiece. The media may stigmatize the graffiti movement, but in fact, in the graffiti writing world, there is no free pass, no hookup of any kind. You have to gain your respect, and the only way this can be done is with the work that you put in. This way after years of perfecting your craft you can make a name for yourself, and start getting recognition for your work.


It's not enough to pretend, you have no choice to prove it.



Respect is something earned, it can not be bought.


And the most important thing for a graffiti artist is the recognition of the other graffiti writers, more than the recognition of the indoctrinated uneducated mass majority that only loves what they can understand and prefer reproduction to original production.

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 We love this spot along the tracks, far from the eyes of the onlookers 2

No need to explain the implicit attraction between the graffiti writer and the train.

We just can not ignore it, it's part of our DNA

(2onlookers ( Badaud in french ): means people who linger to watch the show on the street.)

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"Why painting in the middle of nowhere?

 "This spot will never be seen! You are not paid to do it? No visibility? It's stupid!"

Not at all, we love painting with friends, just for the fun of it. It's that kind of value that seduced me in the hip hop movement. The tribal side, the "we are family" side ...

Paint to exchange moments and memeries.

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 Graffiti is a big family in which we help each other a lot. Our wall sessions are just the equivalent of family reunion or celebrations, but much much better. ( with the family that we chose, :p)
Of course, as in all families, sometimes there is some arguments or  "chicane" as we say in Quebec, but the most important things is to never forget that we share the same values, we have more common points than divergence, together we are stronger. The division within the graffiti movement only weakens the movement it and makes room for imposture.


Peace, unity and Respect 





Oscar Delarock