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Join the International League of Vandals!

Our graffiti t-shirts and crewnecks shop is packed with gorgeous, graphic products such as this one. Exlusively made by Bandit-1sm x 123Klan.

Like all our BANDIT1SM products, this sweatshirt is  printed in Canada.

Exclusively designed by Scien and Klor for their independent  streetwear brand Bandit-1sm x 123Klan.

Bandit-1$M was brought to life in 2007 by the creative minds of 123KLAN. Founded by Scien and Mrs Klor, its name echoes their evolution: first renowned for their graffiti pieces, they became sought after for their signature style and strong designs. Graffiti being considered vandalism, their way of making a living out of criminal acts is known as “banditisme”, french word which means banditry. The “1$M” part, besides referring to dirty money, is a twisted version of the “123” from 123KLAN. 



Rejoignez la ligue internationale des Vandals!

Reference au background graffiti des fondateurs de Bandit1sm; Scien et Mrs Klor du 123KLAN.

Prélavé afin de minimiser le rétrécissement. Lavable en machine.
Double-coutures sur les manches et à la taille.

Comme tous les t-shirts Bandit1SM, ce T-shirt est 100% coton, fabriqué en Amérique du Nord, et imprimé à Montréal, au Canada.

Notre shop en ligne propose plein d’autres CREWNWCK tels que celui-ci, designés exclusivement par les graffeurs Scien et Klor pour leur propre marque de streetwear indépendante Bandit-1sm x 123Klan.

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