" Résilience A " 24 x 24"

Size: 24 x 24"

" Résilience A "

by Scien & Klor 123KLAN.

Original hand painting acrylic on wood panel

Size : 24 X 24 inches

The Scien and Klor duo is multidisciplinary. They were the first to mix graffiti and vector in all their productions, murals and pictorials.
This is what we find with the SERIE BLEUE where the mix of vector graphics and graffiti are in the spotlight.
In this graphic series entirely hand-painted, we find their know-how: their typography, their mascots, their graphic patterns as well as their unique graffiti touch.
For this Resilience series, Klor created this electric blue symbol of rebirth.
There is also a minimalist desire to use only two colors such as an exercise in style in reference to their famous motto "Style Is The Message" and the importance of having a maximum of style while remaining uncluttered.
This series is both a challenge and a challenge with the mix between the analogue and the digital, namely that all that the vector brings to them is found in their productions of drawings and what is produced by hand is found on computer .
Each work is painted freehand acrylic on wood supports allowing continuity of designs on the edges of the canvas offering each work, a modern and contemporary.

Comes signed by artists Scien & Klor from 123KLAN.

All the elements in this canvas are their own creation, everything is hand sketching first, each detail, logo, typo or character. 


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