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Art Print 123KLAN Mister Card Mascot


Our classic Mr.Card mascot is now in art print! 

What is the concept behind the design that became the iconic mascot of 123klan?  

Why a playing card?  

Our mascot, more known under the name of Mr. Card, is actually one of the biggest classics from 123klan. This mascot called Mr. Card doesn’t only live on textile, we painted it all over the world, we included it in collections with Nike, Adidas, Santa Cruz …. & other streetwear brand collaboration   

Life is a game of card, we retake this symbol of shuffling a card game as the image that represents 123klan  

Like a game of card! It doesn’t matter the starting cards that you receive at the beginning, you have to play them! Only the audacity and patience will make you win the tournament.   

The audacity to believe that we can compete with the big one, by big, I only mean big bank accounts! Nothing to do with the greatness of their ethics.  

The patience to never give up and to always believe in it, never give up!  

The value of never cheat with others or with yourself. Win by earning merit  

Taking the risk to never be afraid of losing everything, by deciding to stay an independent artistic brand.  

Refusing to be a sell-out to grow faster, refusing to lose our creative freedom.  

"Gamble to get out of it is his true essence". Taking risks is inevitable to realize our dreams. A good player will make the best decisions based on his experience on the field, with a long-term vision, without being hampered by the risk to lose or win in the present moment.   

Everyone plays his life with the cards that destiny has given him.  

Let's stay positive, never forget that the card game is a game, do not take us seriously, let's play! 

  • Art print made in U.S.A. 
  • Printed on 140 lbs French Fine Art Paper.  
  • Size: 18" x 24" 
  • All prints are signed on demand by artists Scien and Klor. 
  • Frame not included.