Coda Galery Mix mash concept



The mashup concept was inspired by the third-person puzzle-action video game Katamari Damacy from Japan, where the player rolls a magical, highly adhesive ball called a Katamari to collect objects to rebuild stars, constellations, and moon that were accidentally destroyed. Scien and Klor adapted this concept to their graffiti art universe by rolling a virtual Katamari on their wall print artwork to collect all the elements of their work, including graffiti codes, throw-ups, graphic design elements, mascots, characters, and pieces of wood from their mural composition. The resulting ball became a massive Mix Mashup of their work.


 2 prints limited edition of 200 pieces 

Both also available in canvas 60 x 60

   Scien and Klor's Mix Mash concept is not just a beautiful representation of their graffiti artwork, but it also delivers a deeper message about how art can be used to make the world a better place. The concept was inspired by the video game Katamari Damacy, where the player must rebuild something beautiful out of a mess of objects. In a similar vein, Scien and Klor brought together disparate elements in their artwork to create something new and visually stunning. Through this concept, viewers get a glimpse into Scien and Klor's body of work, which includes various graffiti codes such as arrows, letters, colors, throw-ups, and graphic design elements. They also brought in their own characters, mascot, and pieces of wood from their mural compositions, making the concept a unique representation of their style.




"Made in Harvard" 

Original painting Acrylic and mix media on wood panel.

24 x 20 inches


Underneath the visual appeal of the artwork is a bigger message about using creativity to improve the world. In their artistic endeavors, Scien and Klor use their skills to give back to their community and promote positive messages. They have worked on community projects to create graffiti art that beautifies public spaces and inspire creativity among young artists. Their Mix Mash concept is more than just a mash-up of their own creations; it is a representation of the creativity and resilience that can be used to make the world a better place. It is a reminder that we can find beauty in unexpected places and use art to promote positive change.

Overall, Scien and Klor's Mix Mash concept is a stunning representation of their artistic skills and their message of using creativity to improve the world around us.