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Tiger Crest Front Navy Tee Winter Collection  

All our BANDIT1SM t-shirts are made from 100% cotton made in North America.  

We wanted to play with this crest to make it look like the one from the army, police, and firefighter logo. The tiger with three eyes is just to be weird and out of the ordinary. We all know higher power is always watching us. He’s biting on a spray can to make an homage to the graffiti artist. There’s also the same seek and destroy as a slogan from another t-shirt. This t-shirt design as the essence of something we would see in street art.

  • 5.5 oz/yd2 | 9.1 oz/ly | 186 g/m2 
  • 100% soft spun cotton jersey 
  • Slim Fit  
  • Nafta (made in North America)  
  • Printed in Montreal (Canada)