Scien Graffiti Letter 19- WIP

Size: 24 x 48"


Work in progress. 

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Canvas by 123KLAN.

Original hand painting acrylic on wood panel

Size : 24 X 48 inches

Taille: 60 x 120 cm 



" We decided to paint one of our graffiti letter each year at least in order to archive them per period. 


this kind of art is more devoted to the connaisseurs collectors. As you may know, our goal in graffiti writing is to make evolve our letters, most of time they were all paint on wall, but they are ephemeral.  " 


Comes signed by artists Scien & Klor from 123KLAN.

All the elements in this canvas are their own creation, everything is hand sketching first, each detail, logo, typo or character. 


Additional shipping charges can be applied depending on location.

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