24 shades of Francis

Size: 24 x 36"


Canvas by 123KLAN.

Original hand painting acrylic on wood panel

Size : 24 X 36 inches


This new series of mash mix very colorfull, includes a character, a lettering, graphics, all in one composition.

 Since each painting must be named, the artists have chosen for this series to give them a very French chic first name, namely: Francis, or F.X for François-Xavier, MC for Marie Christine, CH for Charles-Henri (also referring to the hockey team the Montreal Canadiens) and GG for Gérard.

 Comes signed by artists Scien & Klor from 123KLAN. 

All the elements in this canvas are their own creation, everything is hand sketching first, each detail, logo, typo or character. 


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