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Seal Mascot Black Spring/Summer Collection  

All our BANDIT1SM t-shirts are made from 100% cotton made in North America.  

The Bandit1sm streetwear brand is based on multiples codes such as piracy. 123Klan artist’s Scien and Klor wanted to play with such a concept to combine maritime piracy in their brand. The logo represents a sinking ship with ‘hater’ on it. If you can get rid of the haters than do it. In all their artistic creation you are always going to find hidden messages that can be referred to other creation in the past. As outlaw hens the name Bandit1sm, this logo is incorporating a lot of element that speaks for itself. It is also a powerful message that wants to shock and provoke. Why play in the circus with a ball when you can play with bombs? Each animal represents a mascot with its own signification. This one is a little more ghetto with a chain of gold and tattoos. The first three-digit represents the number you have to call to make a phone call in Montreal, there’s always hidden meaning to it. As always graffiti artists will play with different quotes. The Seek And Destroy is a quote from the army and then they apply it to the world of graffiti and street art. You can wear this t-shirt proudly and head high as the message on it is fun but leaves with a punch.
  • 4.3 oz/yd2 | 7.15 oz/ly | 146 g/m2 
  • 100% combed ringspun cotton jersey 
  • Slim Fit 
  • Nafta (made in North America)  
  • Printed in Montreal (Canada)