Story Behind Painful Rise

Painful Rise... The definition of these words can meet all sort of thing.
painful rise design by 123klan, close up, banditism, t-shirt, long sleeves, vector design
We wanted to highlight the long and hard path of independent artists. Even if the rose is the flower of the rose bush, a shrub of the genus Rosa and the Rosaceae family armed with thorns, spines, or prickles to discourage herbivores…
The rosebush is first a wild plant, who's most famous representative in Europe is the rose hips. It is the symbolism of the regeneration and eternity of the cycles of life, linked to a spiritual rebirth.
On the way to the top, rock this design  and rep your own path! The Painful Rise design is available on tees, long-sleeves t-shirt and women tank top.
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painful rise t-shirt, vector design, 123klan, banditism, graphic tee
white long sleeves t-shirt with print on the sleeves, painful rise design, banditism, 123klan, vector, design graphic tee
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