Underpressure 2017

123klan scien klor aiik under pressure 2017 portrait

The 22nd annual Under Pressure international graffiti festival was going down from August 9-13.  We were invited to rock a mural with our son AIIK. So let’s just say the 123KLAN was united to go BIG (we ain’t going home). The graffiti Jam took place in various locations in the city of Montreal and we were given a mural that is next to Sainte-Catherine street in the heart of downtown. With the Dj’s dropping beats, b-boy rocking the latest move on the dancefloor and the smell of aerosol in the air from the graffiti writers. It was the perfect combination to let ourselves go and rock this mural!  If you didn’t have the chance to see us painting live no worry we got you covered. Check out some shoot we took from that mural.

One love,


Photos credit : Sambat


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scien klor bandit1sm clothing graffiti under pressure 2017scien graff 123klan goldorak under pressure
klor 123klan graffiti under pressure 2017 goldorakaiik 123klan graffiti bandit1sm under pressure 2017 goldorak123klan graffiti goldorak underpressure 2017123klan graffiti goldorak underpressure 2017

Carole Boudart