Beside each design, there is a story to tell, and we were thinking to share this secret with you. 

Let's begin by the classics first. 


The Mister Spraycan mascot was first designed in 2007, on a t-shirt with the motto "Have fun kids".

The first time we visited California, we went with the kids to San Diego, and we  also visited the USS navy ship. 

To welcome us on board, a soldier told us "Have fun kids" have fun in a place with World War II, Bombers, F4-Fantom, not sure it was really appropriate to the situation lol.

So we did have fun on it, and finally, in a joke we just apply it to graffiti writing, we do not destruct anything, we just have fun.

This t-shirt with the classic Mr. Spraycan designed by 123KLAN in 2006, is remixed with the French Revolution quote "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité".

Ironically, Scien and Klor apply this famous citation of the French Revolution to graffiti as they began it in the early 90s. - Motto quite close to the rules of hip hop and its values: "Peace, Unity and Respect" - They apply it more particularly to the graffiti which is their favorite discipline, hence the Spraycan mascot, tribal and fraternal culture, where the crew is a family, a school, a support.Art nouveau which has not yet been institutionalized, and which always keeps its creative freedom uncontrollable and indefinable, to each its codes.

It was after working for the leading brands of streetwear, that Scien and Klor created their own brand in 2007. BANDIT1SM true laboratory initially, the development of the latter allows them to obtain financial freedom, giving free rein to their creativity.

123KLAN woot woot