Kolly Gallery

If you are in Paris, visit 123KLAN'S exhibition Group Pop-up show "Swiss Watches":

Opening Reception on April 12th, 2018 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Exhibition: April 13-15th, 2018 (10 am to 8 pm).

Kolly Gallery

C/O Espace Oppidum
30, Rue de la Picardie
75003 Paris, France

Swiss Watches is a mixed pop-up exhibition with a striking selection of artists by the curator and founder of Kolly Gallery, Julien Kolly. The exhibition is entitled Swiss Watches and takes place at Espace Oppidum in Paris, April 13th - April15 th, 2018.

The goal of the exposition is to present Swiss quality by selecting only the most emerging artists in Graffiti Art.

For the third edition the titke and concept of the exhibition Swiss Watches implements a superb and outstanding quality in the exhibited pieces, similar to the world-renowned watches fabricated in Switzerland. The main idea is to represent Switzerland's strength of luxury goods export. Finally this exhibition promises street cedibility for all artists represented. 


This new colorful mix mash up serie is made up of characters, lettering, graphic design, everything gathered in one unique composition.

As logos of luxury brands or cartoons are overused, retail brands are here the center of attention such as Costco in Canada or Auchan in reference to their North origin from France!

Because each piece of art deserves a name, the artists chose for that serie to give a French preppy name to each piece such as: FX for François-Xavier, CH for Charles-Henri (also in reference to the hockey team of the Canadians of Montreal) and GG for Gérard.

You get it, even if the duo is based in North American for the last 10 years, they kept their typical French sense of humor. 

Size: 24 x 36 inches (60,96 x 91,44 cm).

Hand-painted, acrylic on wood panel.


French duo Scien and Klor is multidisciplinary. They were the first to blend graffiti and vector art in all their productions including muyrals, print and web design.

This is why vector and graffiti are highlighted in this serie, including: their typefaces, mascots, patterns and of course their unique graffiti style.

There is also a minimalist will using only two colors as an exercise in style in reference to their motto: "Style Is The Message" and the significance to have a maximum of style while staying refined.

This serie is a real challenge with the blend of analog and digital, that is to say that everything that brings vector can be found in their hand productions and everything which is hand-produced is put on computer.

Each piece is hand-painted with acrylic on wood panels, allowing a continuity of the designs on the edges of the canvas giving it a modern and contemporary aspect.

Size: 24 x 24 inches (60,96 x 60,96 cm).

Hand-painted, acrylic on wood panel.

Oscar Delarock