I’m convinced you know about our classic mascot “The Robber” but do you know about its story, origin, meaning?

I’m sure you noticed that behind every graffiti, there’s a story and something humoristic about it.

the Robber 123klan-bandit1sm-thief-crewneck-ohmerde-black-snapback

Who’s The Robber? The clichés would want us to apply them to bad people. Who are the biggest thieves nowadays? Banks, states, guarantees? I’m letting you choose.

We love clichés and the best way to denounce them is to distort them. It all begins with the brand’s name which we created and that is based on graffiti’s culture, where we belong to.

Indeed, graffitis are often considered as a crime, therefore, commercialize a crime is considered as banditism, isn’t it? However, this isn’t the way the brand’s name’s written. The second part of the word ism is changed to 1$M: when you turn the letters, it makes 123 which refers to 123KLAN.

123KLAN’s sarcasm and irony hits again referring this time to the famous “If you see something, say something” written in the metro’s hallways in New York City. Nonetheless, 123KLAN’s version is assigned to the artists’ activities which might not be legal and encourages malicious witnesses to keep silent: “If you see something, shut the fuck up”.




123KLAN woot woot