123KLAN ART PRINT FOR SALE      It seems to us very important to let you remember that all that is presented on our online gallery is entirely drawn and produced by ourselves, Scien and Klor, 123KLAN.

   This should seem obvious, yet it is increasingly rare in the art world. From a modest background, no one finances us, we must work hard, work twice, the path is longer, but such an outcome, such a pride. No regrets!

   The motto of Armentières, the neighboring town of Lille in the north of France, represents this state of mind: «  Armentières, pauvres mais fiers ! » ( means poor but proud! it rhymes in French, a lot of sense... )

We have values, and we are proud of our origins.

    All profits from our sales are reinvested in the financing of our other projects. We are 100% autonomous, 100% free. It is thanks to your support that we are where we are today, thank you.

    99.9% of our Art is entirely designed by us; Scien and Klor, this is absolutely not a pop art remix of the work of others find on the internet. I like to say that our art is GMO-free (no Google Modified Object) 

We are the first consumers of our products, and as such, it is important for us to promote the best quality of production rather than the cost price.

   Our silkscreens are printed on a high-quality fine art paper by an outstanding artist, and we have been working with him ever since.

art for sale by 123klan graffiti artist vector and design art

Why do we produce mini print?

  Actually, we have 3 main reasons for that. We never forget where we come from, and why we do what we do. The first plan is to share and to stay accessible with offering our art print for a reasonable price, compare to this "dirty business of art" and opportunists clown... We love you guys, and we always try to bring the best quality with the best prices in order to thank you for supporting our art.


art print for sale by urban independent artist  

Why small print sizes?

First of all, you are not all owners of large lofts, and we think of the practical side of your interior decoration.

These 9 x 12 inches formats can be integrated into any interior design.

Depending on your room, your wall, your bank credits, you can do something nice, and create your own environment. Do not be a sheep, have an inspiring and unique interior decoration, do not dress your wall like everyone else with a stupid frame on your wall, as in stupid decorating shows.


Your interior decoration must be as committed and as fresh as you are, you do not live in a hotel or at IKEA. Your interior must represent you. "style is the message!", the motto of 123klan. The style of your wall decor speaks by itself.

We take care to always keep a similar color tone in all the posters, this way you can choose different ones, and you can create your own wall layout :


In our latest productions, you have 3 color tones, orange, green or blue, in different formats and prices.

It's up to you to complete over time.

For example: you can layout some orange postcard (5 x 7) + vida loca (9 x 12 ") + Albator (18 x 24") + Mix Mash up Orange (18 x 18 ")

Like this, you can arrange your wall with 2, 3 or 5 depending on the size of your room. You can even arrange them with other images, art… 


 art print for sale by montreal artist scien et klor 123klan

We want to keep your creativity open:

As "normal people" with values, we do not want to forget anyone in our process. Our goal is to share our art, to share also the happiness of creativity in itself, artist or not, you have taste, and therefore some creative potential. it's maybe a beginning, but something. Believe in yourself, no one will do it for you. Like you, we always adapt to what we have. Never give up!

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch with us by commenting on this article, I will answer to you soon or later ;p  

art print for sale art for all support artist  


123KLAN woot woot

C’est de la bombe ce blogue !! Je bookmark !!

123KLAN woot woot

Ever since I first saw you, Scien and Klor present way back at the first Semi-Permanent in Sydney, Australia…I’ve been a huge fan of 123Klan…

Hey…style is your message yeah…and damn is your message cool…

Everything I buy from you guys…I treasure them with the utmost care…because you cannot find coolness like this, anywhere in Sydney…

I wish you all the very best for 2019…

And I look forward to anything new from the 123Klan…

Be the most excellent you that can be, and excellence itself will be yours…

Take care…

123KLAN woot woot

top top top
j’ai moi même acheté les différents formats pour créer un mur 123 Klan ( que vous avez aimé sur instagram )
votre philosophie et vos travaux sont top
Continuez ainsi a égayé nos murs

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