Preliminary research

preliminary research
color test on fine art paper for the realization of a future canvas

We realized that we don't really archive on our own blog anymore for the benefit of Gafam. We too fell into this trap.
We can't change the world, but we can start to change our priorities. Take care of ourselves and therefore take care of our own.
No more entrusting all this to algorithms.

Let's not forget why we created our blog in the beginning, it's just for sharing our passion, we don't need to reach the whole world, but curious and passionate people.
Remember also why you were following this or that blog ? maybe because you had the freedom to choose your interests and not to be suggested.

It is in the same spirit that we created our private gallery online  a few years ago to free ourselves from this merchandising and to safeguard our freedom to think, to act but especially our freedom to create.

Why is the gallery private? And why do I have to identify myself?
Because it is based on a human and reciprocal exchange.
Introduce yourself before going to someone's house, it's the basis of communication.
We are not an algorithmic content provider, or a pinterest LOL

Thank you for reading us and supporting us.

if you comment, or write to us, we will be happy to come back to you.


Carole Boudart