Piece of the Day : Graffiti Production Mrs Klor and Jober

Forecast for the weekend in Montreal: Sunny, low wind.. and lots of paint smell in the air! Hehe!

Living in a place where we are almost covered of snow half of the year, it's only in our nature ( Sprayer by Nature ) ;) to take advantage of every opportunity we have to paint a wall. Early June, our good friend Jober was in town. We linked up, grab a milk Krate full of Montana Colors Cans, found a spot and Rocked it! hehe!

Check out the photo and video of the wall we paint.

    In early june 2019, Jober, who was invited for the Reptil Pop up show, came to Montreal, which led to a collaboration together outside of the expo. We had already met Jober a couple of years back at Jardin Rouge in Morocco, so we had no other choice but meet up and paint!


color graffiti video, 123kan , klor, montreal view, graffiti artThe beauty in graffiti writing is also about its communal side. We could consider it as a tribal art  that makes us share and paint in groups just for fun. In the world of Hip Hop and graffiti, it's really usual when a graffiti artist visits a new city or country and connects with local artists in order to share a wall and some skills. No matter where you travel, you can always meet and paint with local artists. Art itself brings us together since we have the same kind of approach to it and we share similar experiences and passions. 

graffiti art by 123klan and jober in montreal

It’s a unifying movement based on sharing which gets passionated and enthralling activists closer.

piece of the day graffiti video 123klan klor and jober, visual art, painting

This graffiti piece reflects our latest works on canvas. There is constantly back-and-forth  between our walls and our canvas ; each of them feeds the other. More and more, we give some sorts of hints from our paintings in our graffiti pieces by adding some of their details. For example, we use the arrows the same way on our letters, we place the same diamonds or we even use some look-alike patterns. Our walls and our canvas aren’t so distinguishable. We progress just as much in one or another alongside, so it’s normal to find some resemblance between a graffiti and a painting. There is a continuing interaction between our canvas and our graffitis.

klor 123klan graffiti piece art, colors graff wall


PS: Most of the time, as kind of the tomboy that I am, I couldn’t resign myself to choosing pink as the main color. I wouldn’t let myself us it too much to avoid being associated to the girly stereotype that comes with it. But, after all, we must learn to redefine the colors to own them!


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