PIECE OF THE DAY : GRAFFITI VIDEO - 123KLAN featuring Boporc, Soger, Esprit



Montréal is the perfect place for summer graffiti sessions. With a perfect weather, we tend to stay here all summer and paint as much as we can on our local spots.

We only need a bunch of firends, beers and pizza and we are up for the whole day.

We rocked this wall with our friends Boporc, Soger and Esprit, but also as family, with a piece by Scien, Klor and Aiik our son.

The wall was inspired by the skateboarding scene of the 90s, with some classic designs : Santa Cruz Screaming Hand, Toy Machine logo, and the Powel Peralta Skull as our hommage to Montrealer Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest who sadly passed away this summer.

Now that winter is coming, painting in Montréal will be rather hard, luckily we have a bunch of dope walls we have yet to post here, and some travels planned as well.

Next stop : POW! WOW! San Jose in October. See you there!


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