Graffiti mural festival : " Above the Radar ", Burlington

Above the Radar Jam, summer 2018

Thanks to Anthill Collective for the organization of this event. And thanks to Dominique and Trey to giving us carte blanche to paint their wall. 

Anthill collective guys are also skilled graffiti writers, and during the event, they even don't have time to paint, so great engagement. 

  As they defined themselves the graffiti jam Above the Radar: " The mission of this event is to raise awareness and help to eliminate the stigma associated with graffiti as an art form.
Their goal is to show the VT public that this is a legitimate modern art form and that furthermore it can be used as a medium for social change. This event serves as a window into an otherwise misunderstood lifestyle; an opportunity to offer a different perspective into the lives of artists who often operate under the radar. The purpose of this festival is to further their opportunity to express their art form in the public arena… Above The Radar. " 

This graffiti Jam featured more than 50 artists, 20 DJs, break-dancers,
To name few, Helz, Vase, Madi, Aves, BrandaliZm, Merk, Esoteric, Bean, Vedas, Hack, Crone, Hicru, Omni, Ankh, Monke, Mr.Prvrt, Bile, a soupe, Will Kasso, Haks 180, Revels, Betsy, Dot, Topo, Ender, Muse, Core, Fortune, Reks and many more .

Watch the full video: Burlington really takes care of all of us, Everything was so perfect, Anthill Collective did work all year long to find partnership, for example, even the hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn,  Look like a family celebration with all you need to eat, to drink, to chill.  

Excellent food trucks, Healthy food! Was just delicious! @TacoTruckAllStars
So perfect mood, even if this second edition did not have the ice cream cart anymore, just saying ... (  Guys from anthill collective will understand the reference ) 
We were lucky to be invited again to this second edition, and it's really quality time surrounded by people from the graffiti scene. I would first like to highlight the organization and the good spirit that reigns in this graffiti festival Above the Radar. The curators themselves are Graffiti Writers and do not paint during the event, focus on the organization, ensuring that everything goes well for other artists, but also for the public. 
It reminds us a lot of the atmosphere that was there in the first jams in Europe, It was people of the scene who organized jams for the pleasure to exchange and to meet his peers. It was like a big family party, in which everyone helps the other, discusses, meets, just for the sake of sharing and exchange. Nostalgia? Absolutely not, that kind of Jam still exists, they just do not get highlighted as they deserve, but maybe it's better in the end.




123KLAN contribution wall: King the squirrel

At the first edition, 123KLAN ( Scien, Klor, Aiik and Cléo ) had painted two names Kay and Scan, in memory of Alex who was buried the same weekend, this year a little more private wink with the painting of the mascot king ... ;p

Graffiti-mural-festival-123KLAN-Above-the-Radar-Burlington-VermontAs you will have probably noticed thanks to the images on Instagram, lately, we are going deeper and deeper into our style which has always mixed vector and analog. We have taken a step in our graffiti-meets-graphic-design aesthetic. More affirmed and present before in our canvases than on our walls.

Time is precious,

Time is good,

Time is the solution.

There are two kinds of time; the time we are spending, versus the time spent. The "time spent" means the time used on quality moments. (to develop our passion, to share moments of quality, our responsability to use it wisely, no waste) In the face of Time, we are helpless, but thanks to "Time spent" we are masters of our destiny. Thanks to the time, the recoil, now, I sincerely think that we finally have the opportunity to enjoy our total freedom. Time has opened our eyes. This allowed us to find a happy equilibrium and a more natural interaction, making us more in osmosis between our different universes. We have achieved a real balance. In short, the most important thing is to continue to control our time, and to make sure that we never lose or waist that time. Keep the fun in what we do and, above all, stay true to ourselves. Nothing to prove.

I'm going to stop here this little spatiotemporal digression. No one reads blogs nowadays anyway. Comment "I read it" if that's the case! I bet that you will be less than ten. 


Sorry for the TIME between the realization of our graffiti painting and the diffusion of our article, we are only 3, and there is a TIME for everything. For us, the summer, it is TIME devoted to our first love, the graffiti writing.  Summer we paint!

Now it's winter in Montreal, so... here you go. 


thanks for reading, 


One Love 



artbook-by-123klan-graffiti-design-vector art-streetwear-mural-and-street-art

Boost Commerce Collaborator


Boost Commerce Collaborator

Bonjour mes mentors!

Quel travail magistral et quelle fresque gargantuesque, un bel hommage et un travail remarquable!

123K est précieux,
123K est bon,
123K est solution.

Force et courage à vous mes artistes libres et sauvages préférés!

Votre fan number ouane!

Boost Commerce Collaborator

Super review and super video, I like this chill summer vibe goin on with you guys ultimate crunchy vector piece!
MAD RESPECT. Can’t wait to see more of you guys in 2019!

Boost Commerce Collaborator

Une p’tite mascotte, ça le fait toujours ! D’autant que c’est un clin d’oeil à un pote. Merci de partager tout ça !

Boost Commerce Collaborator

J’ai lu (number 9?)

Boost Commerce Collaborator

Hello from down here in sunny southern Utah! I really love what you said about time. It actually gave me the chills and made me realize I need to stop wasting it and start spending it. I’m not the best with writing my words and even worse with talking, I feel like I have so much I want to say and to tell you how awesome and inspiring your art is to me, I could go on for days, but I dont know how haha. That’s why I love writing (graffiti;) I have a lot of emotion and feelings but my brain wont let it come out of my mouth, only thru my hands, but I am grateful for that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish I was doing better financially even tho I work 60 hours a week in construction, I have 2 kids and barely get by, dont feel bad, I just was just saying that cuz I want to show some love and support your way. But I just can’t buy any of your products right now, I will soon tho! There really is no graff scene down here, it really is depressing:( but me and my brother are holding it down trying to get up any chance we get. We had this tunnel completely covered it was under a freeway in the middle of nowhere where we liked to practice, but thanks to a little rat we got in trouble also a felony and a bunch of fines.. the old people running this town wanted us dead I’m pretty sure ha. But we keep at it! Just a slight name change and were still out there killin it! Anyways, I’m going to start spending my time more on what I love and hopefully find a better life for my self and my family. Working overtime for someone else is a joke, not a very funny one haha. I truly am inspired by you and I love love love your art! Keep at it! And keep sending me emails! This graff head loves em:)

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g lu ! ;) Best wishes for 2019 !

Boost Commerce Collaborator

Thanks for sharing, always interedred in what your lovely family is up to and what direction you’re taking. Since l had my twins a year and a half ago l have also been reassessing my time and have pulled back from murals and refocused on graffiti once again. I have been spending my time at home mostly watching them grow and learn but plan on taking a couple trips to do more graffiti this year, hopefully join some jams and festivals. Looking forward to that starting in March when I’ll give some love back to my country itself with at least 10 pieces in 10 days.
Keep up the solid word and hope to catch you around soon. ✌🏽

Boost Commerce Collaborator

i read it :D

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