GOAL Initiatives Foundation

GOAL x 123KLAN Collaboration 

123klan is proud to announce its collaboration with the GOAL Charitable Foundation. ( Read about GOAL below ) 
In January, we did collaborate on Limited Edition of 6 items
"Tous ensemble" means All together
That's the song of most soccer fans sing during a game,
this quote is even more impactful to this day after covid.
GOAL Initiatives Foundation is celebrating its big 10 years this time around.
The mission of GOAL is to Promote Wellness though sport..
They want to work with people that are suffering from addiction & mental health  issues via our unique community approach of sport activities and open dialog.
Having the opportunity to work with Street Art Culture Curators- 123klan to imagine what the GOAL could look like translated on too clothing while pushing out the message of Unity, Charity , Action , Attitude, Community and Positivity was realized with the very special message that rings true now more than ever… ‘ TOUS ENSEMBLE'
Never has the need to talk, to communicate and feel part of a larger group been more important now then ever before.
Together we are Stronger !
100% of these items sold go to the cause-
collection print on  Champion  for the quality. 
  • Printed in Montreal (Canada) 


view the whole collection here 

Carole Boudart