GETTING UP / ATARI x 123klan

Who did the graffiti in Getting Up video Game ?

Yes, it's 123KLAN, the secret weapon of vectorial graffiti. In 2006 we were still too rookies in the world scene to have our own character in the game. Nevertheless, it's 123KLAN who did Decoy, Gabe33, Trane's graffiti, and also some other graffiti player with a more beginner level.

Many wildstyle, throw up, tags, and other stencils for the environment.  
It's quite a challenge to diminish the quality of our style for this kind of character in this video game, in fact, it's harder for us to do shit than to give our best.

How to make a good video Game ? 
This game was a precursor in the video game field, the music selection was completely good, and totally adapted to the spirit of the game; Mobb Deep, Eric B & Rakim, Notorious Big...

What made the success of this game, I think it's its authentic side on all points. yes in music, but also in its whole universe, in representation and selection of graffiti.
Mark Ecko, a former graffiti artist himself knew the real ones in the underground graffiti scene.
He knew us, and he knew the style we were pioneers of thanks to the track we had the honor to do for the launch of the PSP for Sony's game: Wipe Out.
It's mentioned in the Sony article here.


 Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is a cross-platform video game released for PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox (including a mobile version) on February 17, 2006. The action takes place in the imaginary city of New Radius, a world where freedom of expression is banned and graffiti is the worst enemy of the tyrannical government. It is thus around this theme, tagging, that all the interest of the game is centered, where one will incarnate Trane, a young graffiti artist who will use his talent as a tagger (which will evolve as the game progresses) to denounce and chase the CCK (government) from its hold on the city. The 20 levels divided into sub-levels of the game alternate between phases of combat, infiltration and of course action where you will face CCK police officers and cleaning agents.

An action and adventure game, Marc Eckō's Getting Up falls into the category of underground games, i.e. in the atmosphere of urban culture and hip-hop.

The name Marc Ecko comes from the name of the graffiti artist best known for the clothing line he founded: Eckō Unlimited.


Oscar Delarock