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Our Mix Mash serie's  inspiration and reference are drawn from a third person puzzle action video game named Katamari Damacy from Japan. The purpose of the game is to rebuild stars, constellations and moon - which were accidentally destroyed. This reconstruction is achieved by rolling a magical, highly adhesive ball called a Katamari. As it rolls around various locations, it collects whatever object it touches until the ball has grown great enough to become a star.

Scien and Klor applied this concept to their own graffiti art universe, as if they rolled a highly adhesive katamari on the walls of various pieces that they had paint. Collecting all graffiti’s codes, ranging from arrows, letters, colors, « throw-ups », effects, graphic design elements to their mascot,  characters to the pieces of wood from their mural composition, until the ball is a massive Mix Mash up of their work.


Toile - Stony Kirby from 123KLAN on Vimeo.


The mash up is a fusion of disparate elements. The elements and items are based on their own creations - drawn by hand at first and then evolve to vector, to painting. Each mixed mash up is a window into their body of work. A slideshow of their art and family. A wad of love for graffiti.
Even if the compisition looks chaotic,  before moving on  to the realization of the canvas, each element is thought millimeter under the graphic designers eyes of Scien and Klor. 

For sure the result can look weird and heavily stylized, rarely attempting any semblance of existing streetart  though the element. 



Boost Commerce Collaborator