Concept behind our Arrows

Meaning of the arrows in our artwork:


As precursors of the style mixing graffiti and graphics, from the beginning of the 90s, you first needed to know that the arrows are first a graphic interpretation of the characteristic arrows found in our wildstyle ( complex graffiti lettering, decorated with kind of illuminations that are very often arrows, as below, the arrow light green ) 

"The arrow -- everybody's got their own arrow, I like that though. Various arrow, some guys had add on letter arrow that was like connection. Some people had different arrows just going right through their pieces." Zéphyr, Style Wars 

A nod to our first love : graffiti. 

As you may have noticed they are included in each of our artworks. They are also in fact  a denunciation of violence. 

A reminder of the warlike world in which we live. The multiple attacks against art that only wants to be shared and passionate.


2019 - Collab with Jober

In the symbol of the oldest tattoos, the arrow pierces the heart. Symbol of love. Here the lettering transposes itself to the heart center of love, of our passion. 

The arrows here pierce our heart, our passion like a symbol. 

I often get annoyed with movements against this or that violence, often an ephemeral protest that divides, or worse, that excludes people. We are stil thinking in the continuity of the "stop the violence" of the 90ies


Why be divided in suffering, or be divided against violence.
Often mocked, or caricatured as an old school or ghetto culture, the wise quote of Hip Hop when we discovered it still reasons deep inside us.
"Peace, Unity, Respect »

thanks for reading 

Stay safe 


Carole Boudart