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59 En force


I started doing graffiti around 98/99, g ( golden years ) of French hip hop IAM NTM FF .. i had my backward fitted caps, sweatpants in brought up my socks, bag of chips in one hands, Sunny D in the other, leather on the shoulder, strolling the concrete with a gangsta walk surrounded by my best friends that didn’t care at all about the graffiti game. Then i meet up real graffiti writers with whom’s we created a strong team. Making fun of the laws , we combine our strength to write a piece of history of the 59 area

And Then… Came the wife & kid ( Just kidding )


My first piece is a foggy souvenir, little bit blurry, like my first piece was. With my lack of control, I did an ultra compact graffiti with red fill-ins with a black outline with some big and thick white highlights diffuse as the rest of the outline was. I wrote “Mint”, who knows why. Sadly I don’t have a photo of this master piece.



My love, we went true some strong and intense moments. We instantly felt for each other, at the fist look we knew that we were meant to be. I meet you in the street, strolling without knowing; I never saw something that pretty, so strong and supernatural. This chrome color gently applied on you moist red concrete skin made me strong and fragile at the same time. You were drawing aggressive letters, who transcended me. I felt in love


We lived from passion, took the time to get to know each other. The first time that we did it was in a abandon factory and then everywhere. People were pointing fingers but we loved each other’s like two dogs in front of the grocery store..

It’s was complicated because we had an illegal relationship, we had to hide. But that only made thing more exciting, I use to came back sweating from all the sessions, handfull of paint almost impossible to was away. I became a liar, and then mythomaniac because I ended up believing my own lie. I wasn’t me, not event the ( persona ) alter ego that I had invented. I never took any flicks and forced myself to forget everything to prevent snitching on myself ( not to denounce me ). We took more and more risk “ Not there it’s hot! “ “ Yeah I don’t care” “ But we're gonna get see"



Ours wing we're burnt, we wanted to fly too fast, to far without being careful, we split up for couples of years, everything became too complicated. I was losing my mind.



Things are not the same as before. You don’t look at me like you use to, you’ve change. Maybe you became mature? You are everywhere now, you are now recognize, everybody love you,you’re emcee, you become street art. The same ones that use to hated us and complained against us, now, wants you in their living room. I always have that same love for you but it ‘s almost nostalgic because I go out less in the street. I’ve changed my name, baby it was to complicated I still love you, I think I will always love you.



One day I discovered a web site that put forward my graffiti. All the things were very personalized. I didn’t ask for anything, I don’t even know who did it and why. Internet is mysterious.à



I drink a lot since I don’t paint ( anymore ) . Still eat a lot! That is the Sangoku syndrome. Like my best friend mother use to say “ you always eat but never get fat “, she gave me the nickname snake . I replace the graffiti adrenaline rush by playing sport and I am looking for a healthy lifestyle. Good food. Good grass.



“If ya ain't gotta sense of humor, your better of dead!”

Rogers rabbit


If I had to choose couples of track I would go for Lunatic for the rap era “ Le son qui met la pression “ a little NWA because It was the cd in my car and I have a tendency of listening to thing on repeat, It probably melted in my cd player, I think It can read it without the disk now. After that, PNL to represent the present day “ Gala galaaaa!” . For the rest , I listen to Bob and the wailers but that too cliché for the interview.


I saw roger rabbit a little bit to young. He traumatize me, I think it’s my favorite movie . I saw Aladin et Taxi 1000 times because I had them in VHS at my grand ma house. I was drawing in front of Alladin at the hospital with my broken arm and I called myself.


One spray can : La bitumen ; It could be Vulgarly translate to “ Human dick “ the equivalent of a black nitro at Montana but way before it existed ( it was ever created ) . I use to borrow it from a car garage, she served to cover the underneath of cars, there wasn’t better to go over some chrome. I was crazy over that spray.

The yellow RIO train. Metallic monster, heart with fingers, your yellow color that wake up our grey background, your streaks metallic and your rusty roof. No more in circulation you die softly. Invaded by the nature that come to rescue you. RIP BRO

The Val metro, old school, your soft plastic body, your reasonable size, Your little electric purr ( Roaawh ), small adult toy Crossing the city at full speed. Oppressive warm tunnels, your security system that makes you so hard to accomplish.


The red bricks, symbol of our region, the blood color, Support of dream, sometimes engraved with the key, sometimes painted of chrome. Your Joints damaged by time give trouble to paint you, you prevent me from Making details, you do not want canvas you want the vandal from the block Chrome, the fat cap!


I hate when a cap¹s gets clogged. It makes you crazy.Sometimes even in the cold and your spray start teasing you "yes" Nah, I'm not horny, I don’t feel like it. I could almost. Make a comic book page on this. I think I already did it.


A shoe-polish tag or Fire extinguisher? A chase with two dogs master, or a civilian? Ground steak plate with Hannibal sauce? A night in custody making animal noises?









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