Limited Skateboards 123KLAN X 1XRun

Limited Skateboards 123KLAN  X 1XRUN

We are very proud to present our last collaboration with 1XRUN 

Even if only 8 left today.

This is our first art collaboration on a skateboard with them. We we use to release some exclusive and limited art prints with 1XRUN, but they are unfortunately all Sold Out ! Sorry guys. but you can check them here 

 This one is not on art paper, but on a board. It isn't the first time we design one. Part of the streetwear scene, we did a lot of them for the skateboard industry such as Plan B Zoo york, Element, and many more. 

Some are really rare ( edition of 3/3 ) that you can find on our art section

Take a detailed look at the skate bellow :

1xrun x 123klan skateboard design, vector graphic design art, graffiti skate

As graffiti writers, we always felt really close to the skateboarding culture. Coming up during the 90s, which is considered for certain peoples as "the golden era of skateboarding", we were always influenced by the skateboarding world directly or indirectly. Sharing the same love of the thrill. Rocking baggy clothes, fitted caps, and sneakers. Understanding the whole concept of doing something that you love and where you are able to express yourself. But at the same time, the thing that makes you thrill is considered either illegal, marginal or just misunderstood by the vast majority of the population. Both being subculture, they evolve in the margin of society. Emerging during the '70s and '80s mainly as self-expression, they expand through every city, suburbs, and continents. Mostly, they take their roots from the past marginal trend of the youth like hip-hop, punk rock, heavy metal. Both disciplines share lots of similarities. 

 If we take a quick glimpse at the Wiki definition, it goes as the following :

Subculture /ˈsʌbkʌltʃə/ :

A subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which it belongs, often maintaining some of its founding principles. Subcultures develop their own norms and values regarding cultural, political and sexual matters


123klan skateboard, 1xrun, graffiti art, mix mashup design, klor, scien


You can easily compare the work ethic of both disciplines to realize that they have a lot in common. Both are, for the most part, being done or should I say "were" done in the streets without authorization. Both required hours and hours or even years of working on your craft to try to master all the elements, perfecting every detail to get a crisp finish! Achieving a unique style required years of efforts! You either are practicing your handstyles, sketching up, catching a freight, flop or throwie down the block. Just like when you are flipping down your board trying to land that next trick. One thing for sure is that both disciplines can't be fake! ( For the most part ) Fraud and impostors are quickly brushed out! Well, at least what it used to be :p, PRAY THE FAKE GET EXPOSED! Pozer or Toy in the local jargon means basically the same thing!


123klan skateboard collaboration with 1xrun, graffiti art, design

This year, we got approached by 1xRun on a collaboration skateboard deck design for Go Skateboarding Day! Of course, we were hyped to work on this! Using skateboard as a canvas is always fun!

The inspiration behind the design is the mix mashup!  A fusion of disparate elements. Each of these elements and items is based on their own creations - drawn by hand at first and then evolve to vector, to painting. Each mixed mashup is a window into their body of work. A slideshow of their art and family. A way of love for graffiti.

We also want to refer to our blue resilience color created to be vibrant. 


123klan deck design, graffiti skateboard, graphic design, mascot, 1xrun

Even if it looks chaotic, in the composition, each element is thought millimeter under the graphic designer's eyes of Scien and Klor. Before moving on to the realization of the final canvas.

The result might look weird and heavily stylized, rarely attempting any semblance of existing street art through the elements and items used are based on their own creations, hand sketching first as ever. 

The 123klan blue skateboard deck will release on June 21st at 12PM EST.

You will be able to buy the board directly from 1xRun

Edition of 30 100,00 USD 

This board is made with Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skate Deck

Size:  8 x 31.875 Inches

The Run comes with a screen-printed signature, is hand-numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity from 123Klan and 1xRUN.






Oscar Delarock